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About us

Engineered software solutions development.

MPSystem offers development of software solutions and applications in engineered way. Documented conceptualization, system and architecture design, iterative and agile development of the software, and systematic machine supported quality assurance support high quality, performance and versatility of the solution. Customer support, technology transfer help to achieve common success for the long term.

Besides direct project realization we offer development services, consultancy and support in your internal projects.

MPSystem has a long term experience in developing diversified software systems, applications, solutions for both excellent corporations and institutions and for the final customers in the mass market as well.

A few things we’re great at

Software Development

Solid experience in software development with modern technologies combined with lessons learned in creating complex systems are assets offered to our customers. Select the best from broad range of technologies available, we deliver.

Development process combines agility with engineered approach – with functionality, extendability, performance in mind.

IT Consulting

Besides development capabilities, we can support your IT projects by providing consultancy services, IT personnel and know how.

System Design and Optimization

Based on our experience in creation and support for complete software products and solutions in its full lifecycle, we provide valuable support in system design and optimization for your solutions

Future of your project and product is guaranteed by taking into account further development capabilities and options, migration into newer technologies, integration with other systems, reuse of models and software components.


MPSystem applies in its activities a selected subset of IT technologies and methods. Important to us is “engineered approach”: the combined usage of system design methods with agile processes. Wherever applicable, we still keep our knowledge not only in code, but also in design models, trying to improve efficiency and quality through reuse.

Short list of technology stacks commonly used by MPSystem:

  • Java Stack: J2EE, Spring, Wicket, Vaadin, JSF/PrimeFaces
  • Frontend Stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, NodeJS
  • Big Data Stack: Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Spark
  • Microsoft Stack: .NET, C#
  • Mobile Apps: Android/Java,Kotlin

Cooperation Models

MPSystem as IT solution and service provider supports diverse cooperation models with customers:

  • onsite project realization
  • remote project realization
  • project personnel leasing

Main projects

MPSystem has a rich portfolio of many successful projects and products for both corporate customers in Europe and private users worldwide. From single purpose applications for private users ( computer-based, mobile ) to complex systems for corporate customers.

Integrated Asset Backed Finance System

A system integrating assets purchase, refinancing, electronic banking for leading asset backed finance provider in Germany.

Business Workflow Application

An application automating office and backend production work. All tasks and activities in the production process are managed by the system. All actors activities are coordinated, resources required for task execution are managed by the system. Integrated document management, integrated geolocation / maps functionality.

Project Budget Planning Application

An application for planning of resource requirements and project budgets. Integrates projects plans with key requirements, resource consumption, budget planning based on project effort and resource costs. The system supports effective planning work by project templates, comprehensive item and plans versioning, enhanced support for team work.

Legal Form

MPSystem Spzoo is a private, limited liability incorporated company.


MPSystem Spzoo, ul. Milkowskiego 11A/61, 30-698 Krakow, Poland



Main Business Areas

  • software development
  • IT consultancy
  • software product development
  • system design and optimization

Registration Data

  • Tax ID: VAT UE PL 6281946076
  • Company Register ID: KRS 51947