FINABIZ Application Framework


FINABIZ is an application framework for implementation of both simple and complex applications in finance, banking and insurance business.


FINABIZ architecture addresses some major issues:

  • object oriented architecture

    FINABIZ is designed and implemented completely by using object oriented development methods and technologies. All data structures are covered by classes.

  • modular and layering architecture

    FINABIZ has modular architecture and contains several modules:

FINABIZ Basic basic data structures and objects: tenor, priority, calendar, ...
FINABIZ Money Currency, Fx, FxRate, ...
FINABIZ Accounting Bank, Posting, PostingPosition, Payment, IBAN, AccountingPerson, ...
FINABIZ Banking Account, InterestRate, InterestCalcMethod, InterestFrequency, InterestYearBase, ...
FINABIZ Cash CashAccount, CashTransaction, BankDeposit
FINABIZ Securities Security, SecurityPrice, CommercialPaper, Bond, SecurityAccount, Portfolio, ...
FINABIZ Insurance Insurer, Insurent, LifeInsurance, PensionInsurance, CarInsurance, HealthInsurance...

The FINABIZ modules can be used separately from each other.

The architekture of FINABIZ follows the layering design pattern: FINABIZ contains following layers:

Domain Layer contains classes covering the data structures of the business domain
SQL Layer contains classes responsible for storing and quering information in relational data base systems
Services Layer contains classes responsible for processing the service requests
  • implementation of base data structures and use cases for banking, finance and insurance business

    FINABIZ implements all basic data structures and use cases, necessary for implementation of any banking / finance / insurance application.

  • open architecture, extendability

    The architecture of FINABIZ applies to MDA principles and is easily extendable and adaptable to application specific requirements. In the FINABIZ based development the object oriented methods and technologies can be applied with no restrictions.

    FINABIZ can be used in wide range of system architecture environments:

    - standalone product

    - 2 - tier

    - 3 - tier

    - n -tier

  • high performance

    AVAX applies internally a flexible load balancing mechanism for managing the client/server sessions. The client requests are allocated to backend server processes by the Load Balancer using effective algorithm taking into account the expected load factor.

    The configuration of the application server is controlled dynamically, the number of active server processes can be adapted to current needs. By applying the combination of multiprocessing/clustering AVAX is able to fully utilize the capabilities of the hardware, without paying the price of system related performance losses.


    FINABIZ is based on the JUVE application framework and therefrom it ensures very high efficiency and performance of target application. Special implementation of high speed serialization guarantees high speed communication. Main processing uses complete object graphs. The static data definitions are managed by the Static Domain Container.

    The SQL Layer inherits from JUVE SQL Layer and utilizes fully and with no restrictions the capabilities of the relational database systems.


  • operating system / computer architecture / database system independence

    FINABIZ runs on almost all available operating systems and computer architectures.

    FINABIZ  supports all widely used relational database systems: ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, DB2.

  • programming language independence

    FINABIZ is implemented in JAVA, C#, C++, Delphi, with more to come.

  • database schema independence

    FINABIZ uses its own SQL Layer to manage the storage and retrieval in relational database systems. The FINABIZ SQL Layer is a high performance accessing module and supports the most widely used relational database systems.

    The FINABIZ SQL Layer can be easily adapted or replaced in order to manage and use existing database schemas, without compromizing the performance.


  • support for XML and WebServices

    FINABIZ is implemented with JUVE application framework and supports directly XML and  WebServices standards.



    FINABIZ is implemented in JAVA, C#, C++, Delphi, with more to come.

    FINABIZ is implemented with JUVE application framework and can be deployed on AVAX application server. By using appropriate JUVE bridges FINABIZ runs directly on J2EE application server or within framework of the .NET environment.

    The architecture of FINABIZ is completely documented by an OO/UML model. The development process based on FINABIZ can fully apply object oriented approach and technology.


    Applications and use areas

    FINABIZ can be used in software projects of wide range of size, complexity, and purpose:

  • implementation of standalone software products

  • implementation of complex software systems ( client/server, high end, high load )

  • integration of existing software systems

  • performance tuning of existing systems

  • implementation of system interfaces for existing systems ( eg. providing the WebServices interfaces )

FINABIZ supports the development of software applications implementing the finance / banking / insurance functionality:

  • accounting/bookkeeping, store management, ERP, payment systems

  • banking systems, asset management and investment banking, internet banking

  • insurance applications and systems

FINABIZ applies modern technology ( WebServices, .NET, Java, Distributed Computing ) and is designed to meet the future challenges.

Example applications

FINABIZ was already used in development of different complex business applications.

Here your have some examples:

  • asset portfolio management system for private customers division of a leading bank

  • asset backed finance systems

  • private asset portfolio management application

  • accounting module for ERP system


New  perspectives for application development and deployment

FINABIZ makes it possible to develop the business applications not from scrap, but based on solid framework foundation and implemented functionality. The development process based on FINABIZ is managable, the project goals can be achieved with reduced project failure risk. FINABIZ ensures that final application can effectively use the hardware resources and provide high performance. Due to flexible architecture of the framework, the final application's extendability and long lifetime are guaranteed.