Development Process


MP System is a software company specializing in software development and realization of software systems, with special focus on internet/intranet technologies. We provide to our customers full range of professional software development, independent consultancy and support.


Software Development

In our software development process we count on our practical experience in effective use of object oriented technologies, and apply the methods of engineered software development during all stages. In practical software development we apply elements of UML method and tools, dependent on target system requirements and system architecture and used technologies. We have also much experience in effective realization of complex multiuser client/server LAN/WAN based systems using RDMBS databases as backend data storage. In our software development we apply our own software development process called T-model which is a result of many years of experience in software development in many different environments.


The key elements of T-model are:

  • the general process definition based on UML and other OO-methods - with special adjustments to project specific circumstances (eg. focus on GUI in early stages, reengineering of legacy systems or database designs)
  • intensive use of few top developers and analysers in early stages of software development
  • balance of formal and verbal requirement definition techniques like use case analysis
  • concise and pragmatical use of UML techniques - proper relation between analysis and design
  • system architecture based on framework approach
  • reduction of system complexity through use of modern technologies
  • early and consequent system architecture design in early stages, followed by prompt system architecture prototype test
  • the know how transfer to customer employees in later phases of project development, preceeded by general education measures
  • focus on quality in all stages of development with some practical techniques improving personel's engagement and quality of work


Project Management

The software development process is controlled by project management. In our project management we apply popular methods and tools. The base for the project management is a project plan with project stages and milestones, agreed with the customer. The project plan provides for both sides the means of mutual project evaluation, even in cases when the involvement of the customer and his staff in software development is loosely. The project plan is also base for internal communication between teams and developers involved in a project. The project plan contains not only the actual development items and modules, but also all necessary measures and tasks, performed both by the team members and the external development groups to illustrate all project steps interdependencies and to allow the project manager to react to planned delivery time's failures as early as possible and in a proper way.


Software Technologies

The use of specific technologies and products is of course the matter of discussion and agreement with the customer. Based on experience in reengineering legacy systems, we also flexible apply the customer's preferred technologies. As this page go to Internet, we prefer to apply following technologies and tools in wide range of software system implementations.

  • Programming languages: JAVA, C/C++, C#, PHP
  • Databases: relational database systems from:    ORACLE, IBM ( DB2 ), INFORMIX, SYBASE, MICROSOFT (SQL SERVER), Postgres
  • Operating systems: Windows NT, UNIX in many implementations
  • Communication: Socket-based, RMI, CORBA, EJB-based, HTTP-based, XML-based, WebServices
  • Application servers: BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, AVAX